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Our track record

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  • USD 105m+

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Global Awards

  • Shanghai Jiao Tong education group 2018's most innovative company award

  • KPMG & H2 Ventures' Global 2016 FinTech 100 List

  • Top 3 at 2016 African FinTech Awards

  • Top 20 at the China Financial Innovation of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Competition

What's on offer on the marketplace

The Problem for Investors

Real Estate investors are recognising the power of real estate investing using technology, but do not have an easy and safe way to invest in real estate markets globally - residential or commercial - and diversify. Thus the 99% can't invest like the top 1%.

The Old System is Broken

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Why the 99% Should Invest like the Top 1%.

We are changing this by bridging the Wealth Gap

Now with our new technology, we're making Global real estate accessible to the other 99% who want to invest like the top 1%.

Solution: The Wealth Migrate Platform Makes Global Real Estate Investing Easy

  • Achieved in minutes
  • Easy to create true, global wealth
  • Quality Partners
  • Access the top opportunities

No hassles, no management issues, no complex global tax structures, or bank accounts needed. Just focus on the best returns available in the global market today.

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We've made it safe and simple

Invest and earn income paid directly to your secure account. A Safe and compliant solution for global investors.

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A Simple, Safe and Easy Way to Invest Cross-Border and Cross Currency

Real Estate's gone global, now you can too

  • 8% to 10% cash on cash returns and IRR's > 13% to 20%
  • Diversify your global portfolio with real estate
  • Maximise your earnings with our low fee model

Welcome to the largest Global Real Estate Investment Marketplace, where it's possible to access the best institutional grade Real Estate from the best suppliers and locations around the world.

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Build your perfect global real estate portfolio.

Our innovative Marketplace provides real estate opportunities that were previously difficult to access for the individual investor. A simple and secure way to diversify and invest in institutional grade Real Estate opportunities from the best rated suppliers and locations around the world.

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Invest with Thousands of Property Investors from Around the World and Build a Multi-Million Dollar Global Real Estate Portfolio

Research partners, locations and opportunities, select and invest to earn an income or share in capital growth.

We've made it simple to manage your portfolio and monitor your progress all from your secure account.

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We've made it simple.

Invest and earn income paid directly to your secure account. A safe and compliant solution for global investors.

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Invest with real people

“We are bridging the wealth gap – using technology and global thinking to bring the best real estate investing opportunities to our community of global investors.”

- Scott Picken, CEO and Founder

We empower the 99% to invest like the top 1%

“After a lot of research, and extensive due diligence, it was a no-brainer for me to partner with Wealth Migrate. Using the Wealth Migrate's platform enables me to leverage off of competent partners on the ground, and this gives me access to first world assets, without the headaches.“

Nkandu Chitah

“So, what's it like being Wealth Migrate Partner? You get exposed to great insights on how real estate works, and a huge amount of information around FinTech. From great webinars and meetings to connecting with like-minded people, my journey with Wealth Migrate over the past 4 - 5 years has been phenomenal.“

Petro Magos

“If you want to invest or are hesitating, now is the time. We have done investments through Wealth Migrate from about 2012 and have only experienced professional help from the team and have made good investments.“

Lizette Steyn

Raise Funds for your next project online

A single platform for raising capital and securely managing investors.

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