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Company Overview

Company Overview

About Wealth Migrate

Founded in 2010 by renowned global real estate investors Scott Picken and Hennie Bezuidenhoudt, Wealth Migrate is the leading global real estate investment marketplace. Through our online portal, we give investors direct access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities in premier markets around the world.

How does wealth Migrate work

It's easy! All you need to do is visit, follow the sign up process and you'll get access to exclusive real estate investment opportunities. You can choose an investment that suits your investment preferences, including property type, location, risk tolerance and return goals. Once you've selected your investment, up load your KYC documents, complete the investment process by signing the legal documents, which is all managed online. Once you've signed up, you'll receive investment updates and be able to review distributions via your personal online profile.

What types of real estate investment opportunities does Wealth Migrate have to offer?

Wealth Migrate offers its investors direct ownership in exclusive real estate which has been carefully selected by best-of-breed partners in countries including the U.S., UK, South Africa and Australia. These investment opportunities are mostly within niche sections of the real estate market, which allows for greater portfolio diversification. We prefer to offer unique real estate opportunities to our investors, focusing predominantly on commercial assets, industrial developments and larger residential opportunities.

How often do you launch new projects?

To date, on average we list 3 to 4 new projects a year. By 2018, we expect to have up to 10 exciting new projects available for investment.

Are you solely responsible for investors, or do others also bring investors in?

Currently, Wealth Migrate are responsible for raising equity only. We do, however, have an affiliate programme in place to assist us in getting the word out about current and new investment opportunities. This is because hearing first hand from an investor who has already participated in a project with Wealth Migrate goes a long way towards building trust between parties - which is crucial when it comes to investing your hard-earned money. We believe that through our current investors, we can reach a far greater, and relevant audience.

How does Wealth Migrate work?

How does Wealth Migrate work?

What is the term?

Feasibility and project returns are calculated over a 3 – 5 year period. As you are buying shares when you invest, you are free to sell the shares at any time you wish in the market - based on the market principle of a willing and able buyer.

How do I get started?

It's simple!

  1. Sign Up. Visit and sign up using a valid email address. Once done, you'll be able to view our carefully selected global real estate investment opportunities immediately.

  2. Select an Investment Choose an investment that best fits your preferences, including property type, location, amount, risk tolerance and return goals.

  3. Transact Online You can complete the entire sign up process online, including signing and uploading all the necessary legal documents.

  4. Manage Your Portfolio Once you've completed the sign up process, you can access your personal online portfolio at any time, to view investment updates and review distributions.

How does one know they are investing in actual properties?

All investments are listed on Trop-X, the regulated exchange in the Seychelles which is also an associated member of the Word Exchange Federation.

Each investment is part of a multi-listing program and is individually approved by the listing committee before any marketing and capital raising occurs. The raised capital is only released from the brokers' trust account, once the minimum amount was raised and paid directly to the attorneys' escrow account.

How do I invest and withdraw funds from investments/platform?

Your funds will be invested directly into a project through the listed structure in Seychelles. Profits will be distributed as dividends which are paid back to you into your trading account (which was set up during the investment process). You will be able to give instructions that your funds be paid back to your designated bank account, should you wish to withdraw it or you can also re-invest some.

Updating your account

Updating your account

Updating account information

Login to your profile

Click on the profile icon in the top right hand corner of the screen

Complete/update your profile information

Click Save

How do I disable notifications?

You are able to disable notifications in the profile section of your account.

How do I change my password?

You are able to change/update your password in the profile section of your account.

I need to re-upload my certified copy of Id, why doesn’t the portal allow me to do this?

Your transaction is not complete. Only once you have uploaded your proof of payment and completed your transaction, will you be able to re-upload your certified copy of ID. You can do this by:

  1. After logging in, click on “My profile”

  2. Scroll down and under “My investment structures” click next to your name on “Documents”. This will take you to the page where you can re-upload your document.

IMPORTANT: remember to “save & next”.

In filling out my account, what is a National ID # and what is a Tax #?

For FICA, AML and KYC purposes, we require a certified colour copy of your ID or passport, depending on which official document your country of residence issues. Tax# refers to your personal income tax number.



Where should I invest?

While there will always be attractive investments that delivers good returns locally, diversifying your portfolio by investing in other economies is an acknowledged principle that will give you a currency hedge, safety, sustainability, wealth preservation and access to other quality investments.

Real estate investment - is it difficult to execute and manage, particularly off-shore?

Wealth Migrate provides end-to-end solutions with complete transparency, through the use of IT and a thorough investor communication plan. Because time is critical to a sound real estate investment, sound partnerships are pivotal.

What is the minimum and maximum investment?

The minimum investment is $1 000

What do I get for my $1 000 Investment?

When you invest in one of our investment opportunities, you're effectively buying shares in a listed company and the comfort of the listed environment. The return of the investment is directly related to the income from the underlying asset, this being the property. Unlike many other companies, Wealth Migrate distributes quarterly dividends back to the investor. Dividends and returns are all U.S. dollar based, which is the world reserve currency, unless invested in a different currency.

Is my money safe?

Investor Funds aren't handled by Wealth Migrate, but by the appointed sponsor/broker/dealer and paid out in accordance with the property supplement which was approved for the listing. Once the equity is rasied, these funds are paid from the Trust account to the relevant attorneys' escrow account.

If one of the properties I am in starts to under perform will someone provide me with this advice and guidance.

Our core values at Wealth Migrate are Trust, Transparency and Alignment. As result, we submit a quarterly report to investors with a status update of the project they invested in.

In addition, each month our property partners provide a complete monthly financial report on each investment. This information is reviewed by our internal CA. Any material deviation is highlighted and clarified with the property partner. If it is not resolved it's flagged to management.

What is a GIDDS rating?

GIDDS is an abbreviation for the Global Investment Due Diligence System. This system is designed to take into consideration the Macro & Micro factors that influence the property, and on this basis it weighs up the risk and return profile of the project and allocates it a rating. The higher the rating the better the investment. It is however, merely an indicator, and every individual has a unique personal investment profile which they need to assess for themselves or seek the help of a registered financial adviser.

How would I declare this income on my yearly SARS income tax return?

As a result of this being listed equity in the Seychelles, you would receive a foreign dividend which you need to declare to SARS. Investors must obtain their own independent financial and tax advice in this regard.

What exactly is the "monthly dividend" that you offer on your properties?

Your investment is through a company listed on Trop-X in the Seychelles. Your dividend distribution frequency will depend on the project. Generally, income projects are paid quarterly, on a development project however, there is unlikely to be any dividends during the project duration, and dividends are received at the end.

What is the cheapest to wire funds: Bank or Sable?

Each bank has their own fee structure, so this will depend on which bank you are with. You can phone the Forex department of your bank for a quote and assistance in this regard before you make your decision. Sable have provided us and our existing clients with exceptional foreign exchange services. They charge a R250 admin fee if you wire less than R50 000, and any amount more than that is handled free of charge. Sable can be contacted on 021- 657 2153.

Why is my investment showing “Pending listing?”

Once the project has been listed, your funds will move out of “My wallet”. Under “Securities” you'll see an entry “Purchased of Shares” in the project you have invested in.

What is the physical address for Direct Markets Africa? My Bank is needing it, to wire my funds.

Account Name/Recipient Name: Direct Markets Africa Limited
Recipient physical address line 1: F19 1st Floor
Address line 2: Eden Plaza
Suburb: Eden Island
City: Mahe
Country: Seychelles
Province / State: Mahe
Postal / Zip Code: 0000
Bank Account Type: Cheque
Bank Name: Barclays Bank
Branch Name: Barclays Bank Seychelles Limited
Branch Code: 101001047
Barclays Bank Address: Independence Avenue, PO Box 167, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, 0000
Account Number: 107600086
Routing Code: 111759
IBAN no: SC41BARC01030000000107600086USD
Your Wealth Migrate Account Number as reference: [Copy WM account number here]

Why do you need my banking details?

When you're ready to cash out your funds, the banking details entered on our portal, is the bank account into which the funds will be transferred.

What is the difference between “Restart” and “Cancel” transaction?

“Restart” means you'll keep the same transaction number, but will simply restart with the investment. “Cancel” means that transaction number will be completely removed and you'll be given a new transaction number once you invest over again and click on “Invest now”.

How do I know if my investment property will increase in value?

Although no-one can accurately forecast the global economy, we only make investment opportunities available to investors that has passed the Independent Investment Committees strict investment criteria and were evaluated and approved by the Independent Investment Committee.

Is my capital investment and received dividends liquid, as in can I withdraw my account at any time?

You will be investing in a company listed on Trop-X in the Seychelles. Your dividend distribution frequency will depend on the product, generally for our income product they are paid quarterly, however on a growth product there is unlikely to be any dividends during the project duration and rather it will all be received at the end.

What happens if you sell the property I have invested in?

This is the intended method of realizing the investment return. All profits will then be distributed as dividends, and your capital will be returned to you.

How do you assist with the conversion of ZAR to USD and what are the costs involved in this?

We can put you in touch with Sable FX, a 3rd party which provide our clients with good foreign exchange services. You can however, use your local bank or any other service provider.

At exit, does the investment pay out in USD?

Yes, each investment is paid out in the currency in which the investor has invested in.

How exactly do the investments work?

Your investment is through a company listed on Trop-X in the Seychelles. Your dividend distribution frequency will depend on the project. Generally, income projects are paid quarterly, on a development project however, there is unlikely to be any dividends during the project duration, and dividends are received at the end or the investment term.

Why do we use the internal rate of return?

We use the Internal rate of return to evaluate and compare the attractiveness of each investment against other investments.

The Internal rate of return (IRR) is defined as, the interest rate at which the net present value of all the cash flows (both positive and negative) from an investment equal zero. If the IRR of a new project exceeds a investors required rate of return, that investment is desirable.

Partner Program

Partner Program

What do I need to become an Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate is easy, all you need is to refer investors from your network to us. To get started, simply sign up to our program, and we’ll manage the rest.

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

Our program is powered by the Salesforce Community, using a unique referral code. When the visitor follows your link to our site, our system registers this referral. And when that visitor invests with Wealth Migrate, the system records that as a refferral from you and you will be paid for such referral.

How do I become a Channel Partner?

You are only able to become a channel partner if you are a registered FSP and have the requisite license to give advise to your clients.

Is there an Affiliate Partner training program?

Yes! Sign up and login to the Salesforce Community. Here you'll find all the relevant information and marketing collateral that you need. We’ll also send you a monthly newsletter with information on the latest new products and investment opportunities.

When does the commission on referrals get paid to me?

Partner commission fees are paid within 7 days of a project closing. Payments are made in the currency in which the equity was raised, converting on the day of payment based on the spot rate of the currency to ZAR or other foreign currency. You are responsible for any tax requirements on commission paid.

What happens when I refer someone who is already on the Wealth Migrate database?

Customers whose details already exist in our database aren't considered referrals. Each referral must be a new visitor to Wealth Migrate, with a valid or unique email address.

If I refer an investor, and the investor in turn gets a few referrals to invest, am I due commission on those referrals as well?

Currently, our system does not cater for sub-affiliates.

How do you get your referrals loaded onto the Wealth Migrate Partner Program as our lead, and be guaranteed commission?

Your referral clicks on a partner link on one of your sites or in an email. URL parameters connect your partner code to the referral, and SalesForce automation routes the referral to the intended user. If this referral becomes an investor, the order and subsequent future orders will be registered as sales to you, and you'll receive commission payouts.

Document & bank account guidelines

Document & bank account guidelines