Our powerful global due diligence system reduces risk and increases deal success.

What is GIDDS?TM

Our Global Investment Due Diligence Systems (GIDDS) TM is one of the most sophisticated and advanced in international real estate, and incorporates multi-levels to ensure global consistency in safety, wealth preservation and sustainability.

Global Wealth Index TM

A macro-level analysis to compare global wealth internationally, as well as the impact of regional currency on global wealth.

GPS - Global Property System TM

A four-dimensional macro model which is globally recognized as the leading system to analysis scenarios, uses fundamentals and research to make informed decisions regarding the best real estate markets to invest globally.

Financial Structure System TM

A unique system to ensure smooth running of the tax, compliance, structuring and banking in each country.

Partnering System TM

A sophisticated model that uses analyses to identify best-of-breed partners in niche real estate markets.

Potential Investment Index TM

A micro market analysis that uses the 100 point factor test, guided by the 10 fundamental factors critical to a sound investment. These combine to seek out only the best micro markets.

REAP - Real Estate Acquisition Program TM

One of the most sophisticated real estate calculators to compare assets, returns and the long-term effects of different strategies on the investment. Using REAP analysis, we can compare one asset against another and establish the long-term potential to create wealth. This calculator alone has over 1 million lines of code.

Post Acquisition Due diligence System TM

The 142-point Due Diligence process has been developed internationally over decades and ensures thoroughness in performing the final due diligence, before transferring ownership of an asset. There are specific schedules for each sector of the real estate market - like residential, retail, commercial, industrial, medical and developments.

REAM - Real Estate Asset Management System TM

An advanced system to manage assets and portfolios internationally, and to ensure that assets are being sweated optimally.