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Wealth Migrate is looking for a limited number top quality project partners to become WEALTH MIGRATE APPROVED ISSUERS, who are willing to partner with the Wealth Migrate group to create a pipeline of projects in the $5million-$20million range that Wealth Migrate can present via the platform to their database of Global Accredited Investors.

Expectation of Project Partner

  • Source and screen real estate projects that meet Wealth Migrate’s project criteria.
  • Provide a project pipeline of between 5 and 10 projects over the next 12 month period.
  • Project due diligence must have been completed or be close to completion.
  • Prepared to input project details in the Wealth Migrate format for Due Diligence confirmation.


  • List your offering

  • I confirm my company meets the selection criteria and agree to submit the information required in Criteria for Partner Selection to the best of my ability. I acknowledge that Wealth Migrate will review the application at its sole discretion and this application does not in any way form an agreement or a commitment.

Ref Criteria Requirement
1 In busniess for more than 10 years +
2 If less than 10 years experience Provide Growth History and proposed future Growth Plans or Aims
3 Size of company > 10 full time employees
4 Successful past projects 10 projects +
5 Types of projects - specialisation Acquiring and/or Developing of Medical, Multifamily, Self-Storage, Retirement Living and Residential Buildings
6 Project Results Did you beat the proforma projections? Average IRR of projects What was the Average Cash Distribution of the Projects?
7 Location of Projects USA, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom or any other major center
8 Minimum size of project > $15,000,000 for Acquisitions and/or > $20,000,000 for Developments
9 Company Litigation No material or open cases
10 Core competencies of company/group Project Management /Sourcing Projects / Sponsoring Projects
11 Company features that are unique in the market Do you have a niché or some aspect that provides you with a competitive advantage?
12 Due diligence Internal analysis or  external