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Wealth Migrate Launches Zero 2 One tower in the heart of Cape Town

Wealth Migrate Launches Zero 2 One tower in the heart of Cape Town

South Africa – Apr.24, 2017 - Wealth Migrate, the global online real estate investment marketplace, is excited to announce the launch of their latest real estate investment opportunity, the Zero 2 One Tower which is a new R1.5 Billion Rand development by FWJK.

Listed at number 42 on the 2016 KPMG Top 50 Global FinTech Companies, the global start-up that launched directly into the global marketplace has now extended its footprint to include South Africa, based on client demand.  

Zero-2-One Tower, located in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD – on the corner of Strand and Adderley Street will be the tallest building in Cape Town and comprise 42 stories and approximately 148m in height, covering a floor area of 44 000 m² which includes retail space at ground level and 618 apartments. It will also have a viewing deck, open to the public and set to become a major CBD destination with 360-degree views. With construction scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2017, the location is set to become a major CBD attraction when completed in March 2020.

According to Scott Picken, Wealth Migrate Founder and CEO, Cape Town is fast becoming a global investment hub. "People love to live in Cape Town, it has one of the best lifestyles in the world. There's a thriving tech community and progressive international companies are looking to locate themselves there. We have a major operational hub there ourselves".

With investments from just R1 000, Wealth Migrate is giving people the opportunity to invest in Zero 2 One Tower.  The three-year project is targeting a competitive return for investors. 

Scott added "Thanks to the use of technology platforms, we’ve been able to reduce costs whilst increasing trust, transparency, accessibility and returns for our clients. Previously, being able to invest directly with the developer was only available to investors who had access to R10m or more. We’ve now made it available to people who can now invest as little as R1 000 in the development and access similar returns. With a track record of $54m USD in real estate investments in the last 3 years, users from 80 countries and investors from 17, we are truly global and we are excited about bringing these same opportunities to South African’s."

Renowned for partnering with local experts, Wealth Migrate has collaborated with FWJK Developments, one of the larger commercial, industrial and residential developers in South Africa. Founded in 1974.  FWJK has successfully undertaken a substantial number of varied projects in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban including Touchstone House in Bree Street, Obs Court in Observatory and the new KPMG Place office, retail and residential development on the Foreshore.     

As a global company founded by South African entrepreneurs, Wealth Migrate is passionate about making an impact that matters in our community.  We have a clearly defined approach and believe that empowering children with entrepreneurship training is key to this.  "We are a purpose-driven company, and this particular project ties into the sponsorship of Lemonade Day, a children’s entrepreneurship education program. It's a fun, experiential program that teaches the youth how to start, own and operate their very own business through the concept of running a lemonade stand. is a USA based NGO, which helps over 250 000 children a year in the USA backed by Google for Entrepreneurs. Investors participating through Wealth Migrate will not only be making a smart investment, they'll also be investing in the future of our country," says Scott.


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