Fintech Startup Wealth Migrate Launches a Life-Changing Competition

Fintech Startup Wealth Migrate Launches a Life-Changing Competition

Wealth Migrate (KPMG Global Fintech Top 50), a global online real estate company, broke new ground today when it announced that it would be giving away an apartment as a part of its #LikeAMillionaire competition.

Leveraging technology and its expansive real estate and investment knowledge in the market, the company revealed that it would be offering the winner an opportunity of a lifetime. Going beyond its standard investment platform, Wealth Migrate has continued to deliver impactful offerings, and has now set aside an apartment in its latest venture in Cape Town’s Zero-2-One Tower development, where anyone who signs up to the platform, stands a chance to win the designer unit, valued at R2.5 million.

The Zero-2-One Tower in the Mother City – set to be the tallest building in Cape Town upon completion in 2020 and one of the most iconic in Africa – has been identified as one of the city’s most up and coming retail and residential real estate developments. Standing 42 stories tall on the historic corner of Adderley and Strand streets in the heart of the city bowl, the building is set to become a new-age skyline icon, and strong real-estate investment option.

Facilitating investments directly with developers through the use of technology and their platform, Wealth Migrate has been able to offer high value returns, with the Zero-2-One Tower development by allowing investors the opportunity to participate higher up the value chain of real estate. This was previously only available to the wealthiest people and like technology has disrupted the taxis, travel, music, accommodation industries, it is now happening in real estate.

With an influx of international business interest in Cape Town, Wealth Migrate founder and CEO Scott Picken identified the unbeatable lifestyle and a growing technology community as further factors for the global investment interest. And now, having built its success on offshore international real estate investments, Wealth Migrate has set its sights on its first domestic investment opportunity, based on clients’ demand.

After announcing its partnership with FWJK, and the latest investment opportunity in Cape Town’s foremost real estate development, Zero-2-One Tower, the Wealth Migrate invest #LikeAMillionaire competition is a further drive at incentivizing and educating investors to establish investment opportunities in global real estate through its online investment marketplace. Timed with the recent update to its investor policy that lowered the barrier to entry to R1000 for new investors and would-be homeowners. Anyone stands a chance of winning this apartment by merely signing up on the platform.

As an exclusive offer to new users, by signing up on from the 24thApril, new users are not only automatically entered into the draw for the Zero-2-One apartment prize, but they further have the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio through a wide range of global real estate options made available by Wealth Migrate. With a global team of real estate partners and market experts spread across its USA, China, the UK and Australian offices, Wealth Migrate is one of the only global investment platforms to offer users transparent and direct investment opportunities around the world.

Utilising technology developments, Wealth Migrate’s online platform has turned the industry upside down since it was founded in 2010, allowing investors who previously sought out inaccessible real estate investments, the opportunity to build a global real estate investment portfolio. In this way, technology has facilitated Scott Picken’s wealth distribution dream by creating a far more fluid investment process with a much lower barrier to entry and the same relative returns.

Now, as a part of Scott and his team’s ongoing values of making wealth and investment opportunities available to everyone, their #LikeAMillionaire competition opens up the opportunity of a lifetime to win an apartment in one of the most sought after cities in the world.

As Scott says, “This week is all about Freedom Day, one of the most important holidays representing South African history. This holiday is about political freedom for all in our country and we are launching this competition this week as we believe that there should equally be economic freedom for all. We know technology can empower everybody to allow this to happen. The wealth gap continues to get worse globally and our purpose is to use technology and real estate to solve that.”

To begin building global wealth, whether you’re a first-time investor, or sophisticated investor looking to further diversify an established portfolio, sign up on and secure your chance to live #LikeAMillionaire with the Zero-2-One apartment giveaway.

This article initially appeared on Entrepreneur Magazine – May 3, 2017