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    Good news, we are upgrading!

    When we believe we are able to improve the security of our offering, and the efficiencies of the tax regime, we will make careful and deliberate moves to consider changing our base of operations. We thank you for your patience whilst we complete this move.

    The latest Coronavirus Scenarios: Walking the Tightrope

      The latest Coronavirus Scenarios: Walking the Tightrope

      At the beginning of March this year, I wrote an article painting three coronavirus scenarios for the world at large over the foreseeable future: “Much Ado About Nothing”, “The Camel’s Straw” and “Spain Again”.

      How to invest like the top 1% even if you are part of the 99%

        How to invest like the top 1% even if you are part of the 99%

        When it comes to creating and preserving wealth, property has always been the asset class of choice. Today about 49% of the world’s wealth is held in property, but it is out of reach for most people.

          The Wealth Breakfast, South Africa’s leading wealth event!

          Our Vision at Wealth Migrate to make global real estate investing as simple as a swipe of a finger. In support of our vision, we are hosting The Wealth Breakfast, South Africa’s leading Wealth Event in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria from 16 – 19 March 2020.

          Martin Freeman

            SA entrepreneurs open Orbvest, their US medical property fund yielding 8% pa.

            In this week’s episode of Rational Radio, Martin Freeman, a successful South African entrepreneur and now New York-based CEO of Orbvest, unpacked the strategy behind the $200m fund that’s yielding 8% a year.

            American flag

              Booming demand from SA investors brings pressure onto Orbvest's US property acquisitors

              South Africans who are actively seeking offshore portfolio diversification have warmed to the niche-focused entrepreneurs who are building Orbvest into a billion dollar powerhouse.

              Women using a laptop

                How to invest offshore, simply and safely, using technology

                There are 3 primary reasons for this – Wealth Preservation, a Plan B and Peace of Mind for them and their family.

                Indian beauty pegant

                  The Emerging Indian Middle Class and the Democratisation of Investing

                  You may wonder what the Eagles being paid £4million, the Rolling Stones being paid £3.5million, Celine Dion being paid a £2.5million fee and Elton John being paid £2million has to do with the Democratisation of Investment.

                  Men lifting flowers

                    Internationalising your Investments Through Collaborative SMART Investing™️

                    I've recently returned from Sweden where Midsummer Celebrations and raising the Maypole are a great example of collaboration.

                    Calculating on a book

                      Understanding IRR and ROI with the help of Equity Multiple

                      There are a multitude of ways to calculate the performance and potential profitability of an investment, however, the most commonly used are IRR (Internal Rate of Return) and ROI (Return on Investment).

                      Highland Cross Apartments

                        What is a REIT and how does it work?

                        A REIT or Real Estate Investment Fund is a company that allows investors to buy shares in a portfolio that houses a number of different properties.

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                          Scott’s Recommended Reading and Courses

                          Scotts recommended books that have shaped his businesses and life.

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                            Wealth Migrate Whitepapers

                            View and download our whitepapers.

                            Wealth Migrate medical 22 building

                              Our new USA Investment Opportunity - Glenridge Medical 22

                              Introducing Glenridge Medical 22 in Atlanta, Georgia

                              Man on top of the world

                                Four Categories of Risk and Reward

                                As an investor, I often sit with a few options when trying to decide where to put the cash I was able to save from my last bonus cheque.

                                London red bus and big palace

                                  Detailed Discussion around our latest UK Listing

                                  Get all the details on our UK Listing - 267 Upper Grosvenor Road

                                  London Bridge and Backingham Palace

                                    Introduction to Crestwood Property Solutions and their UK Deal

                                    Crestwood Property Solutions presents their latest offering - 267 Upper Grosvenor Rd, Tunbridge Wells, UK.

                                    Wealth Migrate WealthE Wednesday

                                      WealthE Wednesday | Invest in deals from USD 1 000

                                      We are so excited to share our WealthE Wednesdays with you. On the first Wednesday of every month we will be reducing the minimum investment amount for deals on the platform

                                      Wealth Migrate WealthE Wednesday

                                        WealthE Wednesday Agenda – 7 August

                                        Learn with Us - Open Q&A with Scott - Deals, partners, platform, investments (past, present and future), due diligence, etc.

                                        Big parking lot with huge buildings

                                          What can we learn from history about Real Estate? Why & how to invest in London

                                          99% of people can’t invest in London and yet this is what the wealthiest have been doing for centuries. Here is why and how you can copy them...

                                          Wealth Migrate marketplace

                                            New Platform Launching Soon

                                            Over the last few months, we have become obsessed with understanding and improving your investment experience.

                                            Mbongiseni and friends on lemonade day

                                              Continue to let Mbongiseni thrive in Oakhill School in Knysna

                                              Bongi has a dream to attend & stay in Oakhill School as this is where he is thriving.

                                              Commercial what makes Investing in Medical Real Estate worthwhile

                                                What Makes Investing in Medical Real Estate Worthwhile

                                                Medical or healthcare real estate is a niche market within the larger real estate market and can be described as buildings and/or offices leased to members of the healthcare and medical community.

                                                Skyscrapers and building construction

                                                  Does Wealth Migrate do crowdfunding, or is it more advanced than this. How do you 10x traditional crowdfunding

                                                  Crowdfunding, which has already made huge economic waves in the United States, Europe and Asia, is a method of financing or raising capital that harnesses the power of the masses, or the “crowd” to fund a project, business or endeavours, typically via the Internet.

                                                  Brisbane the $13 trillion dollar opportunity

                                                    Brisbane The $13 trillion dollar opportunity and how you can be involved!

                                                    To date, this event has been held in London, Dubai, New York, and Atlanta.


                                                      How do we solve the Wealth Gap based on credit suisse report 2017

                                                      Let me be very clear. We will not solve the current problem with the current level of thinking or the present solutions.

                                                      Parental leave at Wealth Migrate

                                                        Parental leave at Wealth Migrate

                                                        Welcoming a new child to the family is an amazing event.

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                                                          Put the shoe on the other foot

                                                          Real Estate Investment has long been known to be one of the best ways to make your money work while you sleep.

                                                          WealthE coin launch

                                                            WealthE Coin Launch

                                                            It was a moment of change, a fundamental shift in history.

                                                            Winning the Amazon HQ

                                                              Winning the Amazon HQ2 Real Estate Lottery

                                                              This influx of skilled workers, with an average annual compensation of $100k, is expected to have a substantial impact to the local real-estate market.

                                                              Texas investments

                                                                Why is Texas a Great US State to Make Investments in

                                                                It has much to do with the powerhouse triangular region dubbed TEXAPLEX, which is framed by the cities of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

                                                                Old way vs New way

                                                                  Real Estate's Gutenberg Moment has arrived

                                                                  German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer, and publisher who introduced printing to Europe.

                                                                  Nkandu Chitah

                                                                    Nkandu Chitah Bio

                                                                    Amongst the challenges of learning to adapt to a new culture, and learning to balance my academic and social life, the biggest challenge was financial.

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                                                                      New US tax laws will benefit Real Estate Investors

                                                                      The new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act was signed by President Trump on December 22, 2017 and ushers in one of biggest tax reforms the country has ever seen.

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                                                                        Knock Knock

                                                                        Sweeping changes have been brought to society by the birth of the internet a mere 25 years ago.

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                                                                          Direct Real Estate Investing vs Reits vs Syndication vs Crowdfunding vs Collaborative Smart InvestingTM

                                                                          In today’s world, within any given industry, there are many investment vehicles available to us and when it comes to real estate investment, it’s no different.

                                                                            Compassionate leave at Wealth Migrate

                                                                            Being part of the Wealth Migrate team means we're here for the ups and the downs.

                                                                            Is Real Estate the new Gold WealthE(TM) coin

                                                                              Is Real Estate the new Gold WealthE(TM) Coin - a cryptocurrency based on real estate

                                                                              People are talking about it. Price is going up. It MUST  have value…


                                                                                Blockchain & the future of Real Estate

                                                                                The one underlying technology that is poised to have the biggest impact on the industry is blockchain.

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