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Internationalising your Investments Through Collaborative SMART Investing™️

I've recently returned from Sweden where Midsummer Celebrations and raising the Maypole are a great example of collaboration. Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals. Collaborative investment is working with others to achieve the funding required to reach a shared goal.

When it comes to investing in Real Estate or Property, there are many different ways and many types of investment vehicles that can be chosen.

Lets look at a couple of investment areas:


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have becoming increasingly popular in recent years. These are specialised Mutual Funds, focused on investing in real estate and are essentially securities that can be traded on stock exchanges and are therefore quite liquid.

REIT’s are aggregated investments, meaning multiple investors are gathered together to invest in a collection of aggregated investment opportunities in one vehicle. An individual or an entity usually gather the investors and and opportunities in a REIT environment. This is in contrast to a collaborative investment where a group of disparate individuals work together with others to achieve the funding required to reach a shared goal.

With REIT's, and the liquidity they have as listed securities though, there can be heightened risk. REITs are correlated in financial percentage terms at around 70% with the stock markets. This means their value volatility is often dependent on general market sentiment.

Collaborative SMART Investing™️

Investment was once only the domain of Kings, Dictators and Industrialists.

The First Wave: Once upon a time, before the 18th century, large scale financial and infrastructure endeavours were the domain of royalty and dictators.

The Second Wave: Things changed with the Industrial Revolution. This took place from the mid-18th to early 19th century in certain areas in Europe and North America. Industrialisation shifted this power to orchestrate large scale financial and infrastructure endeavours to a few citizens, the industrialists.

The Third Wave: Today though, Joe Citizen can drive large scale financial and infrastructure and Real Estate endeavours through joining with others on a Collaborative Investment Platform like WealthMigrate.com

Lets look closer at the word Collaboration.

  • Collaboration is working with others to do a task and to achieve shared goals.
  • Collaborative Investment is working with others to achieve the funding required to reach a shared goal.

Since the Global Financial Crises collaborative investment is becoming more and more centre stage. Mostly because Government budgets have tightened and banks are simply not lending as they did before.

Essentially Collaborative SMART Investment™️ utilises the knowledge and experience of industry experts – practitioners or partners in specific industries, countries, and markets with specific product knowledge, platforms or marketplaces and their systems and their purpose driven mission. 

The speed at which technology is moving heralds an era when disruption is creating a time when there’s never been a better time to begin investing in real estate. There are many options available and it all comes down to risk tolerance and the amount of capital you want to invest. 

When conducting your risk analysis, consider Collaborative Investment Platforms like WealthMigrate.com and their offerings. Technology is disrupting the real estate investment space so that it is simpler, safer, easier, quicker to invest. It is also more personalised and eliminates up to 10 different middle men in the investment process. 

Collaborative SMART Investment™️ is making investment transparent, trustworthy, robust, safe, sustainable and global where all parties interests are aligned.

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Paul Niederer

About the author

Paul Niederer is one of world’s leading authorities in equity based crowdfunding investments and raisings and constructing collaborative funding solutions. He has personally been involved in over $75 million of transactions with 90 different companies seeking capital.

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