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  • How has Wealth Migrate performed?

    Over the last three years, we concluded six commercial real estate investment projects exceeding USD 100m in value. Projects vary from growth investment opportunities (18-36 months) or income investment opportunities (3-5 years) which deliver an internal rate of return from 12.0% - 19.5% or above.

    Quarterly dividends of between 7%- 9% per annum, are paid for the income investment opportunities, as well as capital gain that is paid at the end of the investment period.

    Returns are paid in the currency of the investment, i.e. USD, AUD, GDP.

    To date we have:

    • 19 000+ members registered on our platform from 118 countries
    • USD 79+ million invested from investors from 55 countries
    • 2 121+ transactions with an average transaction size of USD 37 000
    • 70% repeat investment from our investors
    • USD 5.6+ million earned in dividends by clients

  • How exactly do the investments work?

    You will be investing in a US-based Limited Liability Company (LLC) which has been appropriately registered with SEC. Your dividend distribution frequency will depend on the investment opportunity, generally for our income investment opportunity they are paid quarterly, however on a growth investment opportunity there are is unlikely to be any dividends during the project duration and rather it will all be received at the end.

  • How do I get started?

    It's simple

    1. SIGN-UP
    Simply register and get access to curated global real estate investment deals.

    2. INVEST
    Upload your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, select your investment option and start transacting - all online.

    Access your personal dashboard and keep track of your investment portfolio. Get all updates on your returns and investment performance all on one smart device, whenever, wherever.

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  • Is my money safe?

    We partner with Fund America as our designated broker dealer in the US. Investor Funds are handled by an appointed sponsor/broker/dealer, not by Wealth Migrate. The pay-out is in accordance with the property supplement which was approved for the listing. Once the equity is raised, these funds are paid from the Trust account to the relevant attorney's escrow account.

  • What do I get for my USD 1 000 investment?

    When you invest in one of our investment opportunities, you're effectively buying a share of the real estate asset. The return of the investment is directly related to the income from the underlying asset, this being the property. Unlike many other companies, Wealth Migrate distributes quarterly dividends back to the investor in the currency of the country, where the investment opportunity is located.