Partner with us

Become our ambassador! Spread the word about Wealth Migrate and get rewarded. We will track all the clients you refer to Wealth Migrate and pay top commissions for each client who invests with us.

Two ways for us to grow together

Become an Affiliate

In our Affiliate based marketing programme we reward Affiliates for each investor brought forward. The more investors, the higher the rewards.

Become a Channel Partner

Our Channel Partner programme allows companies to partner with us to co-brand, co-market and sell our products. These partners need a country specific qualifying license in order to sell.

Here's how it works

Step 1: Sign Up

After signing up for our Ambassador Programme,
you will receive a unique referral link to share
with clients that clicks through to our website.

Step 2: Share your link

When a client responds to your marketing
by clicking on your unique referral link,
we’ll be able to identify them as your referral.

Step 3: Earn commissions

When your referral invests in a project you
will earn 1% commission on their investment.

Step 4: Track your earnings

Once the commission has been reviewed
and approved you will receive a pay-out.
You can track your click activity and earnings in your Ambassador portal.

What can we help you with?

  • How do I become an ambassador or channel partner?

    Becoming an ambassador is easy. First, sign up for the programme to begin participating. After signing up you will receive a welcome email with details about your unique campaign URL and how to access our portal. Sign up here:

    If you qualify to be a Channel Partner and would like to join our programme, please contact:

  • What is my unique campaign url?

    After signing up, you receive a unique referral link to share with your network. This link will allow us to track any referrals you send to Wealth Migrate. You can find your unique campaign URL in the portal:

  • When will I earn commission?

    You will earn 1% commission after your referral makes an investment with Wealth Migrate. You can track your referral activity in the portal:

  • How will I receive a pay-out?

    Payments are made to the bank account details provided on sign up and are issued within 7 days of a project closing. The pay-out will be issued in the currency in which the equity was raised. Wealth Migrate is not responsible for any tax requirements on money paid.

  • Do you have a training program?

    Participation is easy, no training is required, however, if you need assistance please feel free to contact us at: